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09 August 2009 @ 12:25 am
The APH meetup actually turned out better than I expected! Though I don't really know what I was expecting in the first place.

Well, I haven't been on LJ in forever, so I thought it was going to be majorly awkward for me to waltz in and pretend I know people. That wasn't the case; actually, I was welcoming people to the picnic blanket and trying to break the ice by talking to people who looked like they wanted to join in. We still ended up segregated into groups of people familiar with each other, and we didn't talk to each other much. I was halfheartedly artfagging, but it seems I can't stare at white paper for too long in the sun or spots will appear in my vision, lol. We ended up passing the time by eating, playing Chinese poker, doing some drawing activities, and watching people's stuff.

People started leaving in clusters to eat or browse at Kinokuniya, and after around 6-7PM, a good chunk left for good. I pulled up a chair with kiku , waifu , and (omg I don't know your LJ, I am so sorry; I have terrible navigational sense online as well) and we talked about a variety of things, including cosplay, cons, APH pairings, Persona 3 and 4, and a little Eden of the East.

I promise I'll draw Oosugi ASAP! I just have to create some sort of art dump comm. I'm considering moving my personal over to my layout test username as to not be a nuisance to those who don't know how the hell I got onto their friends list. I'm falling out of tsuikai , it's much too bland for me. Might move on dA as well. Yeah, I think I'll do both sometime soon. Stay tuned. I'm so sorry for jerking you guys around. I'm not active at all on LJ and I just don't like my username anymore. ~_~

I feel sort of bad for the photographer who showed up to the picnic expecting some cosplay; there wasn't much of it and I think we made him feel uncomfortable, seeing as how he was the only male there, and we didn't really pay attention to him. He was really nice though; he left for a while and I thought he was going to leave, but he came back with a bag full of water bottles for us. That is a man indeed. :D

So psyched for DtB2 and the EotE movie!